Helping chronic patients and their loved ones

Tired of having to repeat your health story for every new doctor, scrambling to get your records together for your next appointment, trying to find out what your mom's doctor prescribed or which of your siblings will join her for a doctor's visit? Curious to track the side-effects of your dad's new drugs and its effectiveness?


SanteCure is a service accessed through a mobile app that allows chronic patients, their care providers and loved ones to share health data, track treatment progress and coordinate care, all under control of the patient.

Sharing Health Data

Access and share all your health data, securely and under your full control. No need to retell your story over and over again.

Tracking treatment

Track your symptoms, medication usage and side effects and complete questionnaires about your progress. Add pictures, video and data from your smart phone or other devices to your health record.

Creating your Network

Add doctors and professionals involved in your care, friends and family to your network. With your consent only, they can see your health data and collaborate to improve your quality of life.

Requesting Assistance

Do you need somebody to accompany you to a doctor's visit? Need help in your home? Request assistance from your network and see who has pledged help.


Schedule and conduct remote "house calls" with participating physicians or other care providers in your network through our built-in video-conferencing facility.

Learning & discussing

Through the app, your doctor may provide you with a step-by-step plan of care, including educational materials. As a member of a forum, you can discuss issues with other patients like you.

Why SanteCure ?

There are hundreds of apps available to provide visibility into health data and track symptoms. So why use SanteCure ?

  • Patient driven, you are in full control, not your doctor, hospital or insurance company
  • Access to health data from care providers through Health Share Exchanges
  • All functionalities in one app, instead of having to access dozens of provider portals
  • Your personal data will never be sold or shared
  • Leverages your social network, without the privacy concerns of social media such as Facebook

Leveraging your support network

Although professional care givers are important, your family and friends are your most valuable resource for your quality of life. Make it easy for them to participate in your support! With SanteCure, you can empower your loved ones by sharing your health data, such as prescriptions, doctors' notes and lab results while making their life easier by giving them the tools to coordinate their support and efforts.

Some facts about care provided by loved ones

+52,000,000 Americans involved in care for other adults
+7,000,000 Americans caring for individuals with daily needs
+66 % of individuals requiring long term care receive that from family only
+303,000 dollars is the average amount of lost income and benefits by family caregivers over the life time of a chronic patient requiring long term care


Using SanteCure will result in 4 main benefits:

Control & Engagement

You stay in control and engaged. There is no better advocate for your own well being! Research shows that engaged patients have better outcomes. And if you are not able to work with the app, your loved ones can act on your behalf, but only with your consent.

Better Health Outcomes

You will track your treatment results and side effects. This will enable you to have more effective conversations with your care providers, who can better collaborate with you and other providers

Saving time of loved ones

No more family and friends wasting their time finding your health data and doctors' notes. You and your loved ones know who is doing what and when and can more easily spread the work load, which will make them happy and motivated to assist you.

Cost Savings

In this era of sky-rocketing co-pays and deductables, efficient collaboration with care providers who have the right health data, including those recorded by yourself, at their finger tips, will reduce unnecessary visits, tests and procedures